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Sexy corset on the cover is by Exquisite Restraint

April 23, 2010

I was delighted to find out this week that Exquisite Restraint are the makers of the gorgeous, gorgeous magenta corset in the photo by Christine Kessler gracing the cover of Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission. When I posted the cover online a few months ago, I got such wonderful reactions and know it makes the book stand out from the pack. Here’s another image of the corset, via the Exquisite Restraint blog:

Simone of Exquisite Restraint has a blog with more information about her pieces and custom corsets, including this post, on tightlacing:

An Exquisite Restraint Corset will nip your waist in quite naturally and comfortably without needing to lace it even tighter. Hence, our corsets are capable of being “tightlaced” but don’t have to be. You will still look incredible in Exquisite Restraint. For your first corset, you will be quite happy with ours and then can graduate to a custom-fitted corset when you are ready to embark on your tighlacing journey. For custom-fitted, we use your measurements to create a paper pattern just for you to cut out and construct your corset. If you live in Southern California, or will be visiting, we most certainly want to see you in person. If not, we are confident we can work with you long distance by e-mail or phone.
An Exquisite Restraint Underbust Corset, off-the-rack

An Exquisite Restraint Underbust Corset, off-the-rack

Tightlacing is a personal choice and I like to use it interchangeably with “waist-training.”

Many people like- no, LOVE- the aesthetic of a tiny wasp waist. Women AND Men love and admire it… Both Women AND Men also love being wasp waisted!

Do visit the beautiful corset photo gallery on the Exquisite Restraint site, featuring models like Aria Giovanni and Darenzia!

And from their FAQ:

Will my waist really get smaller in a corset?

Your corset will allow you to “lose“ 2-4 inches, plus you must have an approximate two-inch gap opening at the back of the corset (where the laces are.) If the back edges of a corset meet, it is “too big” for you. We all have squishy flesh under our ribcage and essentially a corset is squeezing and redistributing that. You are not actually losing weight when you wear a corset—you must be on some sort of weight loss program.

What is True Corsetry™?

True Corsetry™ for us means proper coutil fabric, all steel boning and a front opening in order to put yourself in and take yourself out of your Exquisite Restraint corset without removing all of the laces every time. The front of our corsets contain a steel “busc”, a fabricated component that has been in use since the early 1800’s.