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Discipline spanking tolerance?

April 23, 2010

I’m also going to be posting things on this blog that are just related to female submission, not about the book per se. This is one of them.

From AngelBrat’s blog:

I think……my bottom is getting tender on me. I got spanked last Saturday. This spanking was intended to have some meaning behind it. A number of things kept me distracted last week, and my housekeeping was less than stellar. Nick was unhappy with that, and we also got into a bit of an argument Saturday night. The details aren’t worth going over, but he was pretty pissed and yelled at me for a bit. By the time bedtime rolled around he was over it, but I was still pretty nervous, afraid the fight was going to factor into the spanking and knowing the housework (or lack of) was going to. So when he pulled out the Patty Paddle I was not happy (although let’s be honest, very few items would have looked good in his hand at that moment).

After all that nervousness, I got…25 swats. Now if you’ve read my blog at all, you know that Nick very rarely gets the paddle out for less than 50, and usually 100 is just a good starting point. BUT…25 had me howling! I absolutely could not handle it! And so, wise man that he is, he saw that he’d gotten his point across and stopped there. I thought getting spanked regularly toughened you up!