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Power play in “The Negotiation” by Remittance Girl

May 13, 2010

From “The Negotiation” by Remittance Girl in Please, Sir: Erotic Stories of Female Submission.

“As you can see, the assets are as listed and as described,” she said. “We are extremely proud of who we are. And, as I said before, your offer does not reflect the quality of our corporate structure. Furthermore, ours are not the only assets that require valuation. It would be imprudent of us not to assure ourselves that our partner in this merger possessed properties of equal or greater value.”

The man had himself slid down slightly in his seat and was apparently mesmerized by what was now on display before him. In fact, the prominent bulge in his trousers seemed to suggest that a better offer was to be expected shortly. An elbow on each armrest, he steepled his hands and touched his fingers to pursed lips. After a considerable period of consideration, he exhaled and looked her in the eye.