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What it’s like to get face-fucked…and like it

April 27, 2010

From “Power and the Facefuck” by Chelsea G. Summers at Filthy Gorgeous Things:

When the blowjob turns that seedy corner into the dark alley that is face-fucking, control is no longer mine. My skills, my play, my mouth cease to matter. The lips, the mouth, the throat, they become not much more than another cylinder of wet pink flesh and I am merely along for the ride. My lover wraps my hair in his fist like the reins of a half-broken horse and he rides my face at a gallop, pistoning his thick dick with thoughtless, somatic, and often painful, imprecision. Make no mistake: it hurts to be face-fucked, regardless how able a sword-swallower you are. The pain is integral.

The chimerical change from the pattering shower of blowjob to the howling tornado that is face-fucking can happen just that quick. A hand on the back of my head, the pneumatic drill of hips, and I am suddenly hanging on for the ride, my gag reflex capriciously engaged, my gorge rising, my will pressing it back, my head speaking a silent prayer for quick release, and my pussy liquefying faster than an ice cube on Route 66 in August. Face-fucking is a paradoxical thing, with teeth. Held hard, I hold fast and hope for the best.

After, I am left raw-ragged and red. My throat burns. Popsicles gain a renewed charm. I feel used, abused and rosy with pride. A blowjob well done is a thing of beauty, but a face-fucking gladly endured (nose slamming pubic bone; testes tap-tap-tapping at the chin; breathing an afterthought; lips friction numb; peristalsis dispatching with thrumming, pumping, jetting spunk) is a thing of true grit. You have to respect a girl—or a guy—who will take it like a well-trained bitch.